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23 July 2012

POLL: What is your favorite 1930s Katharine Hepburn movie?

1.) HOLIDAY (George Cukor, 1938)
Although Johnny (Cary Grant) is crazy about his fiancee Julia, Julia doesn't seem crazy about Johnny's plans for their future. Her sister Linda (Hepburn), on the other hand, feels more than sympathy for the young energetic dreamer engaged to her beloved sister.

2.) BRINGING UP BABY (Howard Hawks, 1938)
Happy-go-lucky Susan (Hepburn) drags reluctant professor David (Cary Grant) on a wild adventure searching for an escaped pet leopard in this hilarious screwball comedy.

3.) STAGE DOOR (Gregory La Cava, 1937)
Snooty socialite Terry Randall (Hepburn) comes to odds with Jean Maitland (Ginger Rogers) and the other young actresses living at the Footlights Club in New York City. However, the community of women unite through hard times and personal tragedy, eventually accepting Terry as one of their own.

4.) ALICE ADAMS (George Stevens, 1935)
Alice is a small-town girl from a working class family who must try against all the odds of her family's status to succeed in society and romance.

5.) LITTLE WOMEN (George Cukor, 1933)
Jo March (Hepburn) and her sisters love, laugh, and support each other through a life of financial poverty and personal hardship in this film based on Louisa May Alcott's American classic.


  1. It's really split between Bringing Up Baby and Stage Door but I've seen BUB more times.

    1. BUB is definitely a classic - I was watching it again the other night, and I STILL laugh my head off! Good pick.

  2. I love all of these movies, and recently saw Bringing Up Baby again at the AFI Silver, but I voted for Holiday -- it really hits me where I live.


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