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16 August 2014

A Bible and a Gun: ROOSTER COGBURN (and the Lady) (1975)

Bible et fusileThis post is part of the Build-Your-Own-Blogathon hosted by the Classic Film and TV Cafe. It follows Jennifer Garlen's post about BEND OF THE RIVER (1952), which is another Western that takes place in the American Northwest. For The Great Katharine Hepburn Blogathon earlier this year, Jennifer wrote a great post about ROOSTER COGBURN (1975) as well - be sure to check it out!

"Une Bible et Un Fusil" (a bible and a gun) was the title given to the French translation of Hall Wallis's ROOSTER COGBURN (1975), and it couldn't be a more accurate moniker for this Western starring the most unlikely pairing of Hollywood stars: Katharine Hepburn and John Wayne. By the time of the making of ROOSTER COGBURN, John Wayne had become the symbol of the politically conservative American frontiersman. Hepburn, on the other hand, was well-established as America's high-brow flaming liberal. READ MORE

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