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05 December 2013

Hepfact! Diana Barry is related to Katharine Hepburn!

schuylerDid you know that Schuyler Grant (pronounced "Skyler"), who played Diana Barry in the Anne of Green Gables TV movies, was Katharine Hepburn's grand-niece? Schuyler Grant is the granddaughter of Katharine Hepburn's younger sister Marion, who married her high school sweetheart Ellsworth Grant. The couple had two sons, Schuyler's father John and uncle Toby. Their daughter Kathy Houghton co-starred with Katharine Hepburn in GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER (1967). Marion and Ellsworth were heavily involved in the historical preservation of Hartford, the Hepburn family's hometown.

Katharine Hepburn appeared in a TV movie with Schuyler Grant in LAURA LANSING SLEPT HERE (1988). Just as she encouraged her niece Kathy Houghton in her acting career, Hepburn helped Grant get the role of Diana. Hepburn had been asked to play Marilla Cuthbert, which she turned down (sadness), but she suggested her grand-niece for the role of Diana.

According to IMdB, Schuyler Grant was raised by her hippie parents in California. She majored in history and minored in theatre at Columbia. She is now a vegetarian and director of the Kula Yoga Project in New York. Sounds like a pretty cool chick.


  1. Yes! Grew up rewinding the tapes of the Kevin Sullivan ANNE movies. Any scrap of info about that film I just loved. Didn't know details about Grant's grandparents, though. She's the best Diana.

    -- Java

  2. I always knew that Katharine Hepburn was, also, a kindred spirit!


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