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19 November 2012

7x7 Link Award

This seems to be the week for awards! Annmarie of the Classic Movie Hub has passed the 7x7 Link Award to me. This 'getting-to-know-you' award helps bloggers share about the most popular posts on their blog, then pass along the honor to their favorite blogs. Thanks, Annmarie, for this great opportunity to promote my work and the work of others I admire!

I'm going to skip the 'random fact about myself' portion of this because I just shared some fun-facts on the Liebster Award.

Link to your posts that fit in the following categories:

1.) Most beautiful piece
Although I don't consider most of my articles as necessarily visually stunning, sometimes the films I write about are. David Lean's SUMMERTIME (1955) is one such film. The photos and GIFs I use in that post make it very attractive.

2.) Most helpful piece
The most helpful part of my blog is not the posts themselves, but the pages. The Filmography and Bibliography pages are especially helpful to anyone interested in Katharine Hepburn's films and life. The shop also is a great resource for anyone interested in purchasing films starring Katharine Hepburn and books written by and about her.

3.) Most popular piece
The Joys of Silent Film is far and away my most popular piece, bringing in hundreds of pageviews per week. In this post I encourage film fans to seek out and watch more silent films. I give tips on how to get used to watching silent movies if you are not used to it. The post also includes a list of recommended silent films and actors of note.

4.) Most controversial piece
Based on their subject matter, one could say that the two posts I wrote for the Queer Film Blogathon are controversial: 5 Films That Changed the Way We View Sexuality and SYLVIA SCARLETT (1935). Another article with decidedly controversial content is Nazi Anti-Semitic Propaganda Filmmaking: Veit Harlan and "Jud Suss."

5.) Surprisingly successful piece
I was surprised when an article directly addressing my personal beliefs about the feminist movement started to bring in pageviews. I had thought my political rant would turn away readers, but it appears that it was a good idea to Wear[ing] My Feminism on My Sleeve.

6.) Most underrated piece
I know it was a bit of a tangent, but my piece about Dorothy Parker and the Vicious Circle really is a fascinating article.

7.) Piece you are most proud of
I would like to say that I am proud of all my posts, but there is no doubt that the one article closest to my heart is Communities of Women: Katharine Hepburn Passes the Bechdel Test

Pass this award on to seven of your favorite blogs

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Let me know either in comments or via email or Facebook whether or not you intend to participate. Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Thanks so much, Margaret for thinking of me for this!! Never gets old - not that I've gotten many awards or anything. But, I posted one of these same ones not long ago so I'll pass this time only to NOT appear so full of myself. Means the world though - you with your fabulous blog!


    1. I totally understand. And thanks for the compliments!

  2. Congrats! And thanks again for passing along the award. I am working on my list of seven now! Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Its a bit late. But thanks for the award and I am doing m list now!!!

  4. Congrats on your award, Margaret. Very well-deserved!


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