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11 September 2012

Taking Cary for Granted - In A Good Way!

Cary Grant made so many films (more than 70) in his 38-year career that we can sometimes take it for granted when TCM decides to dedicate an evening to his films. Tonight, Turner Classic Movies will be showing five of Cary Grant's best. Below I have listed the films with their stats in the same way I present Katharine Hepburn's films on the Filmography page of this blog. Although they are not the big dramatic titles that won Grant his well-deserved place in the book of Hollywood legends, the five comedies airing tonight are well worth your while!

8:00 pm EST: MONKEY BUSINESS (1952)
Directed by: Howard Hawks
Written by: Ben Hecht, Charles Lederer, I.A.L. Diamond, Harry Segal
Starring: Ginger Rogers, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Coburn
Runtime: 97 minutes
Synopsis: A chemist and his wife become unsuspecting victims of his "fountain of youth" experiments. 
Margaret's rating: 6/10

  10:00 pm: PEOPLE WILL TALK (1951)
Directed by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Written by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Curt Goetz (play)
Starring: Jeanne Crain
Runtime: 110 minutes
Synopsis: Scandal threatens when Dr. Praetorius (Grant) falls for his stdent (Crain) who becomes suicidal when she discovers she is expecting a child by her deceased ex-boyfriend.
Margaret's rating: 5/10

12:00 am: I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE (1949)
Directed by: Howard Hawks
Written by: Charles Lederer, Leonard Spigelgass, Hagar Wilde, Henri Rochard (story)
Starring: Ann Sheridan
Runtime: 105 minutes
Synopsis: When a French captain marries an American Lieutenant, he must return to the U.S. with all the war brides who are trying to go to America to join their servicemen husbands.
Margaret's rating: 8/10

2:00 am: THE AWFUL TRUTH (1937)
Directed by: Leo McCarey
Written by: Vina Delmar and Arthur Richman (play)
Starring: Irene Dunne and Ralph Bellamy
Runtime: 91 minutes
Synopsis: As their divorce proceedings move forward, husband and wife do everything they can to prevent the other from finding romance in another. 
Margaret's rating: 8/10

3:45 am: THE BISHOP'S WIFE (1947)
Directed by: Henry Koster
Written by: Robert E. Sherwood, Leonardo Bercovici, Robert Nathan (play)
Starring: Loretta Young, David Niven, Monty Woolley, Gladys Cooper, Elsa Lanchester
Runtime: 109 minutes
Synopsis: An angel arrives to help a bishop sort out his priorities at Christmas as he struggles with his fundraising efforts for a new Cathedral and his duties to his wife and family.
Margaret's rating: 10/10 (Hey, it's Christmas!)


  1. I have yet to see I Was a Male War Bride. There's only a couple of Cary Grant films I can safely say that I didn't enjoy... like Penny Serenade, it did nothing for me. But everything else he gets his hands into comes out rainbows and butterflies, it is such a delight to watch him on screen.

    I'd give The Awful Truth a higher score, and to People Will Talk too - I enjoyed it, there was a nice sense of humour and a dark side to it that made it very interesting. Monkey Business... I liked Grant and Rogers a lot in that film, and it was funny alright, but it was a bit too goofy for me. Still good, though.

    1. PENNY SERENADE doesn't thrill me either - too somber. I love THE AWFUL TRUTH, but I didn't really get PEOPLE WILL TALK. But I'll watch anything Grant is in. I first saw KH when I was watching all Cary Grant's films - they made four together.

  2. I found her exactly the same way! Bringing Up Baby was the film that introduced me to her. They're great together.

    1. They are - I like HOLIDAY (1938) because I think it is underrated. BUB is my fav. guilty pleasure film and of course I love THE PHILADELPHIA STORY (1940).

  3. I think Monkey Business is an underrated film but I haven't seen the others listed. Grant I think is one of Kate's best co-stars - only Spencer Tracy and maybe Humphrey Bogart compare.

    1. I agree. I love all four films they made together. Thanks for reading!


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